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Why Dedicated NOC/Tech Resources Make The Difference

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Outsourcing is done essentially to save costs and give the company to focus on business & sales increase. Increase your sales costs and reduce support cost, ensuring the quality and spread of support is enhanced significantly. In this scenario more than just the support required, the focus has to be on the customer and his satisfaction with what he gets overall. Here only a good Managed Service Provider can get that for you.

Dedicated & Committed NOC Tech Resources make a big difference for a company that has say over 20 tickets a week spanned over 12-16 hours. Why it is so important, have just put in our thoughts based on a decade-plus of experience in this managing of customers world over.

1) Hurdles in shared - Risks are high in a shared model as the technician/engineer even if he managed 3-5 tickets for multiple customers has to align his thoughts while he works. Focus generally lags

2) More Works in One Resource - A customized dedicated model which is beyond just provisioning for customers – it can involve much more than just supporting tickets

3) Flexibility & Scalability - Dedicated Engineers at Shift Ahead are flexible and basis our experience more talented and versatile with their on-the-job tasks – tickets to managing escalations are done much better

4) Versatility matters- Tools used are generally client specific and dedicated resources are more focused on working with one client and their overall service deliverable tools effectively.

5) Advantage Dedicated Resources - Shift Ahead being a leading outsourced NOC services provider has resources that can manage tickets as well as manage client escalations

6) Cost Hardly Counts - Cost difference between a shared & dedicated resource is just 30% as costs of operating are only shared and the challenges of managing different customers for a resource are significant

7) Knowledge Upkeep - Importantly knowledge is shared and can be a detriment when it comes to situations when a person leaves and can become a hurdle during scale-up of operations

8) Privacy – In the shared model, privacy is not maintained as respective customer information can give rise to conflict in one’s interest

9) Controls-In a dedicated model, the client has complete control of its working techs which makes a big difference as workloads are better managed it may be ticket management, incident management, provisioning, or engineering managed Resources.

Shift Ahead Technologies provides the right impetus at half your current cost and with a significant amount related to quality & international expertise which matters

Our Clients Are Based In Texas, NewYork, Washington, Florida, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Dubai

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