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IT Infrastructure / Asset Monitoring
Solve Network Challenges with Next-Generation Network Observability

Shiftahead Monitoring and Asset Management

ShiftMonitor is an advanced network management solution tailored for organizations seeking efficient and centralized control over their network infrastructure. Designed for versatility, ShiftMonitor NMS offers real-time monitoring and in-depth network management capabilities from a unified platform.


Our digital-ready IT infrastructure support services are customised to make to adapt to the unpredictable needs of our clients for the digital age while simultaneously aims to deliver business goals and its realistic outcomes.
An efficient IT infrastructure ensures low wastage of resources, high productivity, and improved decision-making capabilities of the IT personnel. Any organization must effectively match IT resources to their business needs.

Visibility into Your Data


Whether multi-cloud or Hybrid infrastructure, capture your ever-increasing amount of steaming, traffic data to identify anomalies that affect your business goals.

  • Metric: Capture critical metrics and perform drill-downs.

  • Traffic: Track utilization from ingress to egress via Network Flow.

  • Routing: Troubleshoot issues fast before they affect performance.

  • Logs: Parse through the logs of your network devices for actionable insights.

Nothing Stays Unmonitored

ShiftMonitor provides extensive data collection capabilities both with the agent and agent-less methods across your on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure.

  • Access monitoring apps (IT Asset) for thousands of devices and technologies across your network, server, application, and cloud layer.

  • Collect everything with an agent or agent-less collection including metrics, logs, events, traffic, and streaming data.

  • Eliminate point monitoring tools by bringing all your monitoring data to one place to gain deep visibility.

Network Monitoring

Infra Asset Monitoring



Server Remote


 Software Components (OS/App/User



Firewall Monitoring 

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