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Cloud Operations - Intelligent & Seamless

Cloud Ops, Cost Optimization, IT Support, Cloud Migration, India Outsourcing, Cloud Projects

 Cloud Center of Excellence

Shift Ahead provides diversified  cloud based suite of support services to improve cost efficiencies with help of analytics with optimum security for data across the platform. Managing cloud costs and the related investments is always complex and raises concerns from time to time. We do exactly what is required to create a cost related policy control from an Enterprise level.


Cloud Ops & Migration

We help our clients by providing dedicated or shared resources to build operationally efficient cloud systems.

Providing a suite of cloud offerings based on client requirements in order to manage the cloud lifecycle,  help in providing the right frameworks for our clients through our dedicated resources. Aim is to accelerate growth & helping clients gain the potential benefits of cloud and to enable them to be future ready. We aim to incorporate efficient cloud operating models to enhance DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering practices.

DevSec Ops

Migrating & Managing workloads with platform modernisation to secure information assets. Validating enterprise security controls and to implement cloud native security controls to execute hybrid cloud managed security services.  Managing CI/CD pipeline to ensure development and operations are securely performed across platforms to administer alert proactive intrusion detection, remediation, and prevention from future threats.


Aiming to create strategic & intelligent cloud based financial operations to enhance compliance and to provide consistent cost optimization across all cloud platforms. Factoring is towards financial, technical and business functions of the enterprise in order to create a cost-conscious culture for cost optimization.  Based on consumption and resources, provisioning is done instantly to map costs and correct as required.

Proactive Activity for Improve & Resolve Client Infrastructure 

  • Regular meetings to update handled cases and sharing knowledge cross functionally

  • Monitoring and identifying the flaws/gaps to overcome hurdles on issues

  • Improve on Knowledge blog and reward for the best handled resolve cases by Team

  • Interface with client so as to evolve process-oriented amendments to build efficiency

Create and build into system for visibility 
Weekly & monthly reports outlining services delivered to help us communicate value to customers.
Use best practices for alert configuration, notification rules, policy modules, and more..

We Deliver to Perform , Not to Impress !!

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