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US-Based Multinational Company Revolutionizes Employee Experience with Shift Ahead Tech 

About the Client

A leading US-based multinational company, headquartered in Colorado, specializes in customer engagement products, customer experience technology, and services. With a global presence, their products are offered in 52 languages, catering to a diverse client base.  

Business Challenges  

Elevating Employee Experience: The company faced challenges with its HR management for its 1,000-strong workforce. The absence of a unified platform led to inefficient handling and tracking of employee queries. This inefficiency was evident in HR and extended to IT, finance, workplace, travel, and legal functions. 

High Maintenance Effort: The existing solution, based on a customized request fulfilment module, was complex and inefficient due to: 

  1. The integration requirement of over 300 services. 

  2. Heavy customizations needed for case management. 

  3. Reliance on knowledge articles without the ability to tailor search results to specific client needs in legacy systems.  


The Solution by Shift Ahead Tech 

 The client sought an intuitive portal to streamline employee interactions with HR, reduce triaging, and lower maintenance efforts. Shift Ahead Tech, leveraging its expertise in advanced service management solutions, transitioned the client to a new, more efficient system. 

Transforming Employee Experience: Shift Ahead Tech developed a self-service portal on a modern platform, integrating it with the client’s enterprise chatbot for quicker and more effective employee-HR interactions.

This transformation was achieved through: 

  1. Categorizing HR services for better query assignment. 

  2. Grouping knowledge articles for end-users and process-users. 

  3. Enhancing workflows for improved incident analytics and reduced triaging. 

 Reducing Effort: The new system included out-of-the-box features, allowing developers to build on the base layer with minimal customization and maintenance for HR requirements. This approach significantly boosted HR agent productivity. Outcomes  

Centralized HR Knowledge: Successfully migrated knowledge articles to create an HR-specific knowledge base within the new system, achieving a zero error rate.  

Automation: Streamlined case management with an enterprise chatbot that automatically creates cases.  

Higher Efficiency: Facilitated easy selection of services from categories, enabling faster HR query resolution based on HR skills and templates.  

Self-Service: Enhanced knowledge search and chat capabilities, extendable to other departments.  

Customer Quotes 

"Partnering with ShiftAhead Tech allowed us to leverage their deep understanding of advanced service management solutions. Their innovative approach in integrating our chatbot and optimizing service applications has set us up for significant long-term cost savings."  

"The expertise of ShiftAhead Tech was crucial in developing our human capital portal. We now efficiently handle over 450 tickets daily with minimal issues." 

 "Thanks to ShiftAhead Tech’s solutions, we successfully launched on schedule, despite the challenges of a global rollout." - Executive Director, HC. 


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