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Case Study - Cloud Ops | FinOps

Our client is an IT/Telecom player based in USA.

How we changed Sytegras environment to optimise their costs

End Savings US$ 82000 per year

Enabling the cloud-first strategy with successful AWS and Azure deployment

Sytegra’s have today successfully moved 99% of its infrastructure and applications to the cloud. Cost saving of over 49% annually. Shift Ahead had a mission to accomplish to educate and deliver seamless ability to make their app teams enabled and functionally independent in a short span of 6 months.

Shift Ahead helped right from the design to execute the development with a team to ensure the infrastructure solutions were adopted within a short span, business wise and the execution plans to build the AWS cloud enabled environment through critical enterprise IT improvements.

Tasks Undertaken

Task 1 – 14 weeks


AWS EC2 optimization – 200 EC2 Instances a. EC2 instances type will downgraded as per current requirement & loads.

b. Configure policy to schedule EC2 start & shutdown time


Time line – First 50 Instances – 16 Manhours

Remaining 150 Instances – 8 Manhours each


Task 2 - 18 weeks


AWS S3 optimization -- 250 S3 buckets a. Configure S3 Lifecycle configuration


Time line

4 Manhours for starting 50 S3 buckets

Remaining S3, 2 manhours per bucket


Task 3 – 2 weeks


Complete Migration of attradius stack from current vendor


Task 4- 3 weeks


EKS cluster migration including RDS (200 nodes)

We accomplished goals in 5 months at an overall cost of less than USD 19000 and a huge 49% savings 


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