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MSP & Telecom Outsourcing

MSP,  IT Telecom Support, NOC Support, Infra Support

IT Support







White Label Solutions : Our resources work on your identity to front end
IT Development Project Outsourcing : Delivering based on your Project needs for your customer Web/Portal / Application Development & Maintenance
IT / Telecom Rates/Expense Management : Provision, Support & Manage Expenses
Business Analytics/Rates Administration : Core Analysis to Margin / Cost Analytics
Customer Support / Technical / Application Support  : For Our Customers with our dedicated FTE resources
supporting 24 x 7

Cyber Security Support : Support for best practices in Infra/App security
Engineering /R &D Support Services : Building upgraded Manufacturing Systems/Platforms

Outsourcing is beyond just a Service Offering we expect our clients to provide us to manage their support requirements. It can be to provide talented resources for software development functions to manage important key functions for customer/technical support or for developing a project – any industry/any domain. We help you to provide the right staffing from our side – we manage to deliver for you.

In short, we better your direct costs, ad-hoc costs, offshore developer rates, and much more.
In a nutshell , you
Reduce your overhead expenses and capital expenditure
Obtain an international talent pool
Accelerates your business goals/direction
Share risks to succeed , with improved chances of success
Ability to upscale faster / consistently

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