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Legal advisory and Support Services

Legal advisory and Support Services in the US or any International country are one of the most expensive in the world. Shift Ahead attempts to make the services more affordable and engaging by offering routine services by a educated, trained and experienced Legal team, with similar experience. Routine work like contract drafting and review, deposition summaries, and legal discovery can be a huge overhead for your organization – we can make this easy with monthly fees of 160 hrs a month and @ monthly costs ranging from $1800-$3000 based on experience dedicated for your needs.

Offshoring such work to us translates into promising savings for you. Moreover, it frees up your organic resources to focus on the more complex issues at hand. We have considerable experience and expertise in drafting, reviewing, redlining, and editing a wide variety of commercial agreements. Follow-up negotiations can also be opted for.

Our charges for these services are substantially lower than what you would pay to a resource hired locally, whether in-house or external. And that too without compromising on the quality of the deliverables in any way.

We offer a compelling business proposition. To know more about how we can contribute to your organizational goals, please get in touch with a mail to

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