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Cloud Ops - Optimise early for gains

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Over the past 3 years, a digital transformation has caused the cloud market to increase by $21.8 billion. This has been driven by the fact that more organizations are using cloud computing and are also using more advanced features of these digital technology services. Cloud computing is becoming a digital age friend for corporations worldwide which is cost-effective and scalable for any business today.

Cloud operations are on the rise. According to a recent survey, 85% of major corporations plan to outsource their cloud operations in the next five years. This is understandable because cloud operations have many business applications that can help you run your business more effectively. This blog focuses on how cloud operations can provide you with digital services resulting in many business benefits.

1. Cloud Operations

The functionality of the cloud system depends on the cloud infrastructure and related software & applications. A computer network is referred to as cloud infrastructure. The computer network is linked to a cloud system to provide cloud computing users with a comprehensive set of services that will help in business functions. The software used by the cloud system is referred to as cloud software. The cloud system provides cloud users with services via cloud software.

Scalability, elasticity, and mobility are the three characteristics of cloud services. Cloud users can obtain comprehensive services by utilizing the three features. The cloud system is made up of cloud infrastructure and cloud software. To run on the cloud infrastructure, the cloud software is virtualized. The cloud system is adaptable. The cloud system can automatically scale up or down as the user's needs change. The cloud system is on the move. The cloud system is accessible via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Shift Ahead can help to provide efficient competent resources that make your cloud operations seamless and sustainable.

2. How do we streamline your cloud operations?

The rise of the cloud has made it difficult for companies to manage their server environments. Cloud operations have become a pain point for many companies. There are several ways to streamline cloud operations. The first way is to use best practices to build a scalable, secure, cost-effective cloud architecture. This ensures that you are taking advantage of the cloud's benefits while avoiding the challenges of implementing cloud solutions. The second way is to choose the right cloud provider or a support partner who will ally for your overall success.

3. Choosing the right cloud service partner

Do you want to know what the best cloud computing platforms are? Cloud computing services improve collaboration, data storage capacity, and security features. However, because cloud computing encompasses many components, businesses frequently need clarification on which cloud provider best suits their needs.

There is no correct answer to the question of who is the best provider. Each provider's cloud platform and solutions will be useful for various reasons. This is why finding the best-suited opinion for your systems, and business type are critical.

Here are three critical steps to take when selecting a cloud service provider:

  • Matches business requirements - Don't just go with the biggest provider in the industry. Look at your own business opportunities and business insights and then find a provider with a digital experience that is compatible with your operating model.

  • Reliability - To avoid the risk of data loss and cyberattacks, organizations require a cloud service provider with dependable security and storage capabilities. The best cloud services are those you can rely on in any situation, whether in your daily life or complex scenarios. However, more than basic security packages is required; cloud security must be tailored to a business.

  • Flexibility - As businesses succeed and grow, cloud providers should scale their services to keep up. They should promote rather than stifle growth. Cloud computing services should be able to provide you with all the advantages of cloud computing without being too rigid. They should understand your internal operations and work according to them.

4. We automate your cloud operations

Let's discuss how Shiftahead helps by discussing how we helped a client.

The client's daily user base increased tenfold over a period of nine months, from 50,000 to 600,000 minutes. This was achieved with tight budget constraints and the requirement for a 24/7/365 service across several delivery channels.

The existing 8x5 service window was insufficient to support a global support function. Average hold times increased with the number of members, leading to decreased customer satisfaction and decreased profit margins. To address this, they partnered with an offshore company that displayed experience in managing scalability challenges.

​The client and its subsidiaries have a broad network of Telecom brands with the highest rate of internet access subscriptions in the US. Our experienced Team from Shift Ahead supports clients of mapping, adapting, and migrating the processes to its centers remotely & seamlessly.

Systematic re-engineering led to the development of comprehensive process documentation. A resource and training plan was designed to identify the skill sets needed and create an "ideal" customer service representative profile.

​The Helpdesk & Engineering support function was launched after one month, achieving the desired results within two months of sustained operations. Additionally, the support team is responsible for managing the knowledge base to ensure faster responses. Shift Ahead's operations team provides 24x7x365 customer and Engineering support services, monitors service levels, plans resources, and implements a quality improvement plan.

Shift Ahead has taken steps to enhance customer satisfaction, response times, first call resolution, and build partnerships.


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