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Top 5 Benefits of Outsourced NOC Services to IT Department

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Outsourcing isn’t just a good-to-have accessory anymore. Instead, it has graduated to become a necessity that steers a business’s success in the long run.

Managing Your Network Operations Center (NOC) isn’t an exception for having you to grow your business ! As an enterprise, you deal with countless technologies, devices, systems, etc. Of course, you need all of them to survive and thrive. While that’s true, one cannot discount the challenges you encounter in handling them, ensuring upgrades, and optimizing their uptime. For this one needs a dedicated team to manage this better.

It is here that an Outsourced NOC services help. But in what ways? Shift Ahead, is one of the leading outsourced NOC service providers, discusses five benefits as given to our existing customers.

5 Top Benefits of Outsourced NOC Services

Here are five ways your company can benefit from outsourced NOC services.

1. Reduced IT Costs With Quality As Top Most Priority

To a company looking to outsource NOC services, costs matter as much as how efficient the IT support works. Outsourced NOC services has proven to be commercially beneficial in multiple ways.

The first advantage is eliminating the need to hire full-time dedicated resources to handle the NOC aspect. Hiring isn’t done for free. Searching for the right talented resources, interviewing them, and onboarding is as arduous as managing employee administration and management costs. Outsourcing relieves you of all these costs and upfront Infra build up costs !

Another benefit is continuous monitoring, which helps NOC professionals constantly to watch the system and identify potential downtimes, threats, failures, etc.

An unforeseen maintenance or breakdown could cost the company money, projects, and reputation. Outsourcing helps prevent such potentially precarious situations.

2. 24/7 Technical Support & Reach for your customers

Your in-house team would dedicatedly serve you during working hours. But what about problems that surface beyond them? Not having anyone to address those issues could intensify them and lead to more critical damage!

But outsourcing NOC services can let you have a team that works round the clock and continuously monitor your IT network. No matter whether a problem is within working hours or beyond that, network-related problems will be addressed promptly and accurately with experts working around them.

3. Access to Specialized NOC Resources

Having your existing IT team handle the NOC aspect might not necessarily prove effective. If the team members aren’t well-versed in the practicalities of NOC management, the result could be errors and critical situations.

Thanks to outsourcing, you don’t have to live with these challenges. With outsourced NOC services, you can access specialized and experienced resources. These people can help you resolve complex situations, provide diverse insights about better NOC management, suggest improvements, indulge in staff training, etc.

4. Reduced System Downtime

System downtime is a significant concern many companies worldwide confront. Downtimes not only incur a loss of precious person-hours but cost companies their reputation in the market. They could lose the project and pay huge monetary penalties, especially if and when the investigation reveals that the problem was unavoidable.

Outsourced NOC services help reduce system downtime via continuous monitoring and proactive measures. Together, both can help identify potential threats and minimize the time, threat, and, therefore, the risk associated with system downtime.

5. Better Focus on the Core Business

Better IT management isn’t an afterthought anymore. Business owners have to include it in business planning, budgeting, and strategy. Considering NOC, a crucial part of IT infrastructure management, outsourcing it to an expert outsourced NOC service provider helps you increase your bandwidth and lets you focus on your core business. You don’t have to micromanage things as you might have done while handling the function in-house. You can now have more time and energy to look at your business.

Get A Step Closer to Achieving IT Excellence with ShiftAhead’s “Never Regret” Outsourced NOC Services

Don’t live with the struggles of in-house NOC management. Take a step closer to managing IT even more efficiently with ShiftAhead’s outsourced NOC services!

Some of our services include 24/7 network remote monitoring, L2/L3 handling, phone handling, customer responsiveness, proactive checks, etc. Our results include increased system uptime, reduced NOC operational costs, and increased network efficiency.

Write to us at to learn more or discuss your needs with our experts.

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