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How to get the best of your IT Resource?

IT Resources Need to adapt to changes and be a willing learner. A resource who cannot visualize changes should not be in IT as the first skill required for a good IT Resource are to adapt to changes, learn to enhance your skills from time to time apart from being flexible in approach towards tasks.

To build an effective IT Resources Team, one needs to determine all the important tasks vis a vis the available resources, the skill factor and assessing their capability will be required to assess, apart from the amount of work that can be done with them.

Few essential primary skills which we inculcate are:

  • Positive aptitude to learn and unlearn the negatives

  • Open to re-skill from time to time

  • Be a Team Player and willing contributor

  • Conceptually sound in the domain

  • A Planned Organizer With decent communication skills

  • Collaborate and Deliver as per deadlines/commitments.

  • Being Confident, Productive At Work is all that you need to Succeed

  • Be Interactive & Proactive , Always

  • Strategize & Prioritize Your Work

It’s all we want to have highly productive people and 80% of the times we have create those resources to be one. Their past careers may or may not be contributing towards being just machines (or as they call wizards) but its about creating positive vibes and extracting the best from them.

By Experience & Various Research Inputs

Rajeeb Ghosh


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