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How ShiftAhead Tech Transformed Infrastructure and Employee Experience for a US Multinational

How ShiftAhead Tech Revolutionized a US Multinational's IT and Employee Experience
How ShiftAhead Tech Supercharged a US Multinational's IT & Employee Experience

About the Client

Our client, a distinguished US-based multinational corporation with its headquarters nestled in the dynamic landscape of Colorado, stands as a beacon in the precinct of customer engagement and experience technologies. This company, renowned for its innovative spirit, has carved a significant niche in the industry, revolutionizing how businesses interact with their customers on a global scale.

Their product suite, a kaleidoscope of cutting-edge solutions, is tailored to meet the diverse needs of an international clientele. Available in a remarkable array of 52 languages, these products transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, underscoring the company's commitment to inclusivity and global reach.

Business Challenges

Enhancing Infrastructure Visibility and Employee Experience: The company faced formidable challenges in managing its expansive IT infrastructure, a critical backbone for supporting its global workforce of 50,000 employees. The intricacies of these challenges were multifaceted, reflecting the complexities of modern IT environments in large-scale organizations.

Complex IT Infrastructure Management: The existing IT infrastructure management system was encumbered by several critical issues:

·        Integration of Diverse Services: The company's IT landscape included over 300 distinct services, each requiring integration and synchronization. This vast array of services, essential for various operational aspects, posed a significant challenge in terms of compatibility, communication, and seamless functionality.

·        Customization Requirements: The need for extensive customizations for effective case management added layers of complexity. Tailoring solutions to fit specific operational needs while ensuring system integrity and performance was a daunting task, requiring a delicate balance between customization and standardization.

·        Outdated Knowledge Management Systems: The reliance on legacy knowledge management systems further hindered efficient service delivery. These outdated systems lacked the agility and adaptability needed to keep pace with the evolving IT demands, resulting in slower response times and reduced effectiveness in addressing IT issues.


By and large, the client's challenges were emblematic of the hurdles faced by large multinational corporations in today's digital age. The need for a transformative approach to IT infrastructure management and employee experience was clear – one that would not only address the immediate inefficiencies but also lay a foundation for sustainable growth and innovation

ShiftAhead Tech embarked on a transformative journey with the client, aiming to overhaul their IT infrastructure and elevate the employee experience. The solution was multifaceted, addressing the core challenges head-on:

·        Strategic IT Service Categorization and Knowledge Management: We undertook a comprehensive reorganization of IT services, categorizing them for optimal accessibility and efficiency. This reorganization was coupled with a robust knowledge management system, where resources were methodically curated and made readily available to both end-users and IT personnel. This initiative significantly enhanced the flow of information, making it more coherent and user-friendly.

·        Phased Implementation and Workflow Optimization: Adopting a methodical, phased approach, ShiftAhead Tech strategically populated the global Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This process involved meticulous planning and execution, ensuring that each phase contributed to enhancing incident management and reducing operational bottlenecks. The optimized workflows led to a more agile and responsive IT environment.

·        Innovative Automation in Infrastructure Discovery: In line with cutting-edge industry practices, we automated the process of infrastructure discovery. This automation was pivotal in maintaining an up-to-date and accurate inventory of the IT network components and cloud environments, thereby significantly reducing the manual effort required in system maintenance.

·        Intelligent Service Mapping and Maintenance Efficiency: We leveraged advanced tools for automated service mapping, a move that simplified maintenance processes and boosted the productivity of the IT support team. This automation allowed for a more dynamic and responsive approach to managing the IT infrastructure.

·        Continuous CMDB Data Management for Enhanced Support: Consistent with best practices, we ensured the CMDB was continuously updated through automated tools, complemented by strategic human oversight. This approach guaranteed that the IT support was always based on the most current and accurate data, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the support provided.



Centralized IT Knowledge Management:

·        Zero Error Rate: The consolidation of IT knowledge resources into a centralized knowledge base was achieved with a zero error rate in information dissemination.


Automated IT Service Management:

·        Reduction in Manual Intervention: The implementation of an automated case management system significantly reduced manual intervention, streamlining IT service requests.


Increased Operational Efficiency:

·        Faster IT Service Selection: The system enabled quicker and more accurate IT service selection, leading to faster resolution of IT queries.

·        Operational Efficiency Metrics: Post-implementation, there was a 35% increase in operational efficiency, as measured by the speed and accuracy of IT service delivery.


Enhanced Self-Service Capabilities:

·        Advanced Search and Interaction Features: The self-service portal was improved with these features, making it easier for employees to independently resolve their IT issues.

·        User Engagement Statistics: Post-launch, the portal saw a 40% increase in user engagement, indicating higher employee satisfaction and autonomy in resolving IT issues.

Infra Asset and Monitoring Software
Customisable Infra Assets

Improved Result Data and Other Stats

·        Reduction in IT Query Resolution Time: There was a 50% reduction in the average time taken to resolve IT queries.

·        Increase in IT Service Request Efficiency: The efficiency of handling IT service requests improved by 45%, as indicated by the reduced number of escalations and quicker closures.

·        Employee Satisfaction Surge: Employee satisfaction with IT services saw a 60% increase, as reflected in internal surveys and feedback mechanisms.


Following the integration of our solutions, the Executive Director of IT Services at the client company shared, "ShiftAhead Tech's exceptional proficiency in IT infrastructure management has fundamentally transformed our approach to interactions between employees and IT systems, particularly in enhancing the visibility and understanding of our infrastructure components. Their comprehensive and targeted solution has not only streamlined our IT service processes but also played a critical role in elevating the overall employee experience. This significant improvement is chiefly due to the improved transparency and operational efficiency embedded within our IT operations. "

Echoing this sentiment, the Head of IT Infrastructure remarked, "The state-of-the-art portal crafted by ShiftAhead Tech has been a game-changer in the way we handle IT queries. The efficiency and employee satisfaction levels have seen a significant uptick, marking a new era in our IT service management."





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