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5 Reasons for Best Helpdesk / NOC / IT Resources in India

Updated: May 27, 2021

Network Operations Centres NOC serves as the vital point for monitoring overall network performance and maximising uptime. Yet NOCs aren’t just limited to just being networks – managing and broadening their scope for their clientele makes the difference of being the ideal NOC in India. India has he range and scope to offer best talent with a focussed & dedicated approach to incorporate tracking of IT & Telcom network security, virtualised infrastructures, systems management, web and other online platforms as well as a range of other assets. NOCs also serve to provide an overview perspective, helping organisations to track and manage service provision across a range of technologies and business areas, bringing different elements together to help reduce service interruptions for that ‘Being There’ experience.

Where Organisations cannot afford a 24x7 NOC, Shift Ahead can help in pitching in to provide talented resources to manage as an extension of client’s resources. Defining the correct dependencies, rules, alerts, escalation processes and automations, can achieve best & real time NOC-style performance levels at a fraction of the cost of building your own Network Operations Centre. Cost savings HUGE !

India’s Skilled Staffing talent have the following big plusses

  1. Best Helpdesk cum Tier 1 and Tier 2 resources in one person who can be made a Tier 3 specialist over a period of 1 year in the system. Same with IT Resources

  2. Our resources are skilled in balancing critical service failures and have an excellent sharing rapport within colleagues to make efforts timely and successful to reduce downtime for clients

  3. Increased & Skilled Network / App Monitoring Visibility with excellent rapport with alert tools & systems/processes for the NOC

  4. Can also work effortlessly in remote work from home environments successfully despite the pandemic , ensuring no effect due to raising pandemic

  5. Last but not the least can do cross training functionality wise to manage NOC, Commercial or Carrier set up teams to switch where and when required.

In Best Interest of Teams With decade plus old experience


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