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Work From Home Leadership -Virtual Keynotes

With #WorkFromHome being a widely accepted norm world over, one would not have thought we had the infrastructure to manage these tasks from home. With 31st December being a norm for more IT based Organizations, one would hope that the way ahead will have most of the folks working from home where one does not need to collaborate closely.

IT Professionals in particular have take an option to work from remote locations and have survived the steam of the run, however good leadership & decision making are key elements for all to manage their tasks successfully and meet their work objectives.

Few musts are primarily to have all system malware protections updates and most PC security vendors are on their toes to ensure systems at home is well protected. Leaders of all categories will in time to come have to provide all the required impetus to understand their teams better and provide them more secure options to work with from time to time ensuring team workers perform to the optimum despite working with limited security options

Most managers agree/disagree about performance of remote workers being lower than those working from office

Most Important factors for Leaders (Leads/Managers/Seniors)

· Engage as much as you can to create trust & faith in the abilities of your team member

· Learn & Know to trust your subordinates without having to see them too often as would be in case of working from office

· Set right & reasonable expectations from work point & deliverables

· Train & guide the lower end leaders to manage their subordinates and build their confidence to manage work remotely. Many find it challenging but needs a helping hand

· Keep focus on slow or tardy performers and boost them by emphasizing & understanding their issues better

· Most importantly make subordinates segregate between their personal & work lives as in most cases 80% employees tend to focus more on personal side while working from home. Find a way, cordially to streamline the right set of expectations

· Importantly keep them motivated and find ways to bond with select meetings/off site under new pandemic Govt regulations.

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