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Start Ups for Employees Are For Those Who Like Challenges

Employment in start-up companies can be appealing for those employees who are ready to take on challenges, committed at work & has a knack to exceed expectations & work to perfection. Every company needs the right knowledgeable employee to succeed—however for start-ups, attracting good people can be especially challenging. This was not the case 3-5 years back as opportunities have increased so has competition in the market.

Unfortunately though our employee talent base has not improved to the required extent as most of the times only 15-20% are actually hireable based on talent & skillsets, especially in a Technology based Organization for say Developers or technical oriented work which is the major base of skillsets that is needed. Due to lack of real time project exposure, apart from zeal to pick up knowledge employees struggle.

Start-ups need talent who can adapt to quick learning and sound product knowledge. Despite small team sizes, responsibility becomes larger and one has to give more commitment for a start up to succeed and make it grow faster. It’s so important during this phase to acquire the right talent and make the person equally competent & productive.

Remuneration plays an important role here as budgets are generally on a watch-out mode. Employees need to also know the same as long as they are able to work competently.

Every successful start-up ends up being a successful company some time or the other- that happens only when the initial drive succeeds to impress upon customers/clients. Key for growth for start up entities is by striving hard to deliver and make sure customers understand you better, besides making them part of your your success & growth together.

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