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Get Your Company Dashboards NOW !!

The problem with smaller organizations they may not have dedicated MIS department and there is no organization which doesn’t require MIS. Owners always need to have reports as per their requirement. However, due to number of reasons they don’t hire dedicated (MIS) employees. This is where we want to help. Just let us know your requirement and we will do our best to deliver dashboards which you can consume at a very cheap cost and don’t worry about your MIS. The Dashboards will be custom made as per your need; consume them on PCs/ Mobile / Tablets any time you just need Internet connectivity. Guide and help us get the data and we will do the rest.

Below are few screenshots / Dashboards we would imagine an organization would want:

1. This is a typical sample of a consolidated dashboard for Owner / MD / Chairman would like to take a glimpse of what is happening at all the departments.

2. Next thing he /she will be interested in is the balance sheet of the profit that the company is making and impact of changes in the balance sheet you can simulate the complete balance sheet online and get to know how it will look if some parameters change this is our premium and most loved dashboard product.

3. Know Your HR department Reports as to salary to value addition ratio? Attrition Vs Employee count in each department? Get all this in a single page. You can get leaves if you wish. Just ask for it !

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