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An Effective Outsourcing #NOC Operation #Technical Support Post Pandemic

Updated: Jun 2, 2022


- Can Reduce IT Costs and Increase Effectiveness

- Can help companies to save on operational capital expenditure

- Can give companies better focused visibility

- Outsourced Technical Support

How Outsourced NOC helps …

Technical Support or NOC Support Service Providers are today busier as in India post pandemic there is more depth to this as they have been able to provide 24 x 7 support with all the services mentioned above with a team of dedicated, highly-skilled NOC engineers using their resources to provide 24/7 network monitoring, proactive solutions, problem resolution and world-class support. We have dedicated NOC’s in India as well as out of Pune, India. Procedures adopted have followed certified protocols to enhance the experience to the customers.

A focused NOC or Technical Support Center is a dedicated location from where IT / Telecom engineers provide support services for remote monitoring and management of customer network. This primarily includes network devices, servers, storage, backup etc. A NOC or Support facility has to have the right capabilities, environment, technical acumen, processes and backup support plans to ensure continual improvement.

Most Outsourced facilities have their Development as well as support resources well knitted with #WORKFROMHOME tuning for now to ensure deliverables are met as that commitment in workforce plays a significant role in ensuring customers have a 24x7x365 up time on their setup. The monitoring team monitors the endpoints across the infrastructure through specialized monitoring tools which alerts the team through a dashboard on any failure in the customer network. These tools can also be configured to send automated mails and SMS for critical alerts.

Monitoring teams does the primary troubleshooting to resolve the issues and in case of any specialized help, contact the next level of engineers to help remediate the issue. They also help in monitoring and ensuring security vulnerabilities, which are being negotiated through respective security protocols driven by the IT teams.

NOC Monitoring & Outsourcing Support Services are essential for the smooth operational existence of most companies especially in today’s world where the services have to be available 24x7 for most customer/client entities and any untapped failures in monitoring of critical services will lead to business losses. Keeping in view costs, the NOC monitoring team are fully dedicated shift wise to work behind the scenes day and night to ensure critical systems are running as required and are available immediately to detect and resolve any disruptions at the earliest. This ensures minimum disruptions and increased availability to critical services contributing to company’s growth.

There is a question on most CFO’s minds on whether to have an NOC in house or outsource the NOC services. A cost benefit analysis has to be done taking into account many factors like cost, operational control, Data security, sensitivity of data sharing, etc.

Benefits for outsourcing NOC services far outpace the ones for In-house NOC. Apart from costs and built up infrastructure, it is the responsibility of managing and maintaining infra which shifts the focus on the IT as well as Network team to be on their toes all the time.

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