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Advantages of an Outsourced NOC Support In India Post Covid

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

A good working Network Operations Center ( NOC Support In India ), is a centralized location from where IT engineers provide support services for remote monitoring and management of customer network. This primarily includes network devices, servers, storage, backup etc.

Operational Maturity and Access to Expertise Savings plays a significant role in ensuring customers have a 24/7 up time. The monitoring team monitors the endpoints across the infrastructure through specialized monitoring tools which alerts the team through a dashboard on any failure in the customer network. These tools can also be configured to send automated mails and SMS for critical alerts.

Costs Matter Salary and benefits & costs are shared to bring down your overall cost. Increments, attrition and replacement of resources is a major cause of worry in an In-house model. For outsourced NOC Support In India, the Valuable vendor will have more flexible resources from multiple projects to manage knowledge as well as ensure information flow is better managed, apart from usual challenges such as attrition and replacement, which are far more different if not challenging.

Dedicated, Committed & Flexible Staffing A team of efficient 8 is required to provide a reliable 24/7/365 IT / NOC support In India, costing less than $10k/month compared to an in-house human resource expended team costing probably double. Smaller team of outsourced FTEs operating in a fully-mature NOC environment can lead to a better output and production realization.

Speed Up Your Support to Accelerate Companies want to consistently monitor the services and provide real-time results, they still have to onboard resources for the same to ensure stability in their network. Similarly for on-demand monitoring and scalability. MSP vendors will be able to provide a flexible and scalable model based on the needs of the companies

Telcos/IT companies can simply get better support & ROI with improved capability for less overall costs by outsourcing with the right NOC partner.

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