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7 Best NOC & Helpdesk Needs for Telcos and Infra Management

Updated: May 18, 2021


Organizations in this age of pandemic needs an dedicated 24/7 Network Operations Center which is catered by competent team players. Important for the NOC to ensure critical business & core tech Network Operations support engineers. A well sought NOC Organization with good skilled engineers to minimize downtime and reduce service interruptions.

Characteristic needs (essentials) are

  • Proactively monitoring expertise for potential outage events and facilitating an immediate response

  • Understanding NOC processes & follow proactive steps with complete understanding of solution

  • Systematic troubleshooting skills by the team to manage Network based tickets in least amount of time.

  • Understanding call traces where required to meet the requirements skillfully

  • Growing NOC culture and its knowledge within team is essential. Monitoring environment needs to be well managed with right personnel with expertise in issue tracking & troubleshooting.

  • Ticket management ownership is critical in NOC environment with proper responsibility matrix laid out to ensure resolution is the only standard matrix.

  • Escalation matrix needs to be automated with the right management techniques

Services extends to provide Technical Support Operations as well as NOC, System Storage and its Network Management, Service Level Management, Circuit Provisioning, Performance Tuning, Tier 3 Support and Switch Engineering.

Shift Ahead Technologies provides all the required support to make its clients successful.


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